The new platform Responsible Care

The new platform Responsible Care

APDCR is stepping up its efforts to join the Responsible Care Leadership Group with the desire to improve the level of occupational safety standards in the chemical industry and related industries.

Responsible Care is a voluntary commitment by the global chemical industry to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental performance, health and safety and safety at work.

Currently, 62 chemical associations around the world are implementing the Responsible Care program and approximately 30 European countries, through national associations, are active members of RCLG.

Thus, on June 18th, with the support of Cefic, APDCR organized the webinar Presentation of the RC self-assessment Webtool to Romanian companies, which presented the new platform that companies can access to evaluate their performance.

In this sense, APDCR as an association, as well as some member companies, will participate in the trial of the new Responsible Care platform between July 27-30, reaffirming its commitment to the implementation of this program.

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