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On-line Webinar APDCR

On September 7th 2021, APDCR organized with the support of Cefic and Emergency Situation Department the webinar “Chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response”.

The webinar had as guests Mr. Stefan Drees and Mr. Gert Van Bortel, as representatives of Cefic and the European chemical industry, as well as Mr. Francisc Senzaconi and Mr. Cătălin Țugui, specialists from IGSU.

The event enjoyed a large participation, companies both from within the association and from other associations, wanting to know what are the prevention measures, as well as how to intervene in case of chemical accidents.

APDCR, as a member of the Responsible Care Leadership Group, considers it is important for companies to be connected to information related to safety and security at work, aiming to continue organizing other events on this topic.

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