Official communication

Official communication

Being an active association, on June 11th 2019, APDCR organized the workshop “Introducing Responsible Care new management framework and self-assessment tool”.

The event was more an internal APDCR event, dedicated to the association, aiming to understand the new framework and set the necessary steps for implementing Responsible Care, but also we invited representatives of other associations, academia representatives, consultants.

The workshop was the 3rd one, after the 2015 and 2017 editions, and focused more on the technicalities of the process, as self-assessment tool and collecting the KPI’s.

The workshop was organized with the support of ICCA and Cefic, having as main speaker Ms Giulia Casasole, CEFIC Responsible Care Manager.

Through this series of workshops, APDCR aims to become the first Romanian association of manufacturers and distributors to join the Responsible Construction Leadership Group (RCLG).

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