INTERALLIS is an international chemical raw materials distribution network, operating in the wider region of South-East Europe. More specifically, Interallis is producing, trading and distributing chemicals and raw materials for a bright range of industry sectors, as well as represents leading chemical producers across the region.

Today, with more than 5,000 active customers, we manage over 6,000 products from 120 different suppliers, providing alternative ways of B2B distribution, aiming to link chemical manufacturers with customers/consumers, thus ensuring the most profitable collaboration for both sides.

INTERALLIS’ commercial and production activities are designed to meet the industrial needs for raw materials in the countries we operate. Food and beverage, animal feed, cosmetics, detergents, metal industry, paints and coatings, rubber, polymers and agricultural supplies industries, are the main users and consumers of the products and services we distribute. Beyond the purely commercial activities, we provide our customers with technical support for both production and research and development of new products.