CIECH was established in 1945. Today, it is the leader on the Polish chemical market and one of the largest Polish enterprises with an international range.

The Group is competitive and employs modern management solutions. It consists of 8 manufacturing sites, in addition to trade and service businesses. The CIECH Group offers high-end chemical products: soda ash (the second largest European provider), sodium bicarbonate, salt, polyester and epoxy resins, agricultural products and glass products, as well as other chemicals. They are used by glass, food and furniture industries, for detergent production, in agriculture and in construction.

CIECH Soda Romania (formerly: Uzinele Sodice Govora) is located in southern Romania, in Govora. The Romanian soda factory was the first foreign subsidiary acquired by CIECH in December 2006.

Currently, it is one of major sites on the economic map of Romania, a serious investor and the largest employer in the region.

CIECH Soda Romania manufactures soda ash, water glass, sodium silicate and soda derivatives. For more information access the following link: CIECH SA