Chimcomplex is the main producer and supplier of vital chemicals in the region, specialized in Polyols, Chloralcalis and Oxo Alcohols.

A strategic asset of the Romanian economy, adding value to national resources: salt, limestone, lime, calcined soda, natural gas, petrochemistry products.

A private chemical company with a long tradition, developing quality products for a better life and a sustainable future.

We continuously invest in new technology to increase efficiency while keeping environment protection and sustainability at the core of our strategy.

We are a company with a high level of technical know-how and labor, and which commits for long periods. We guarantee long-term results for our customers by leveraging our long experience, the quality of our products and our high capacity for innovation.

The company has approx. 2000 employees and operates the largest chemical plant in Romania, having two industrial platforms in Onesti and Râmnicu Vâlcea and is the largest exporter with Romanian private capital.

We manufacture and market inorganic and organic chemicals.

As an “industry of industries” we help downstream industries and value chains to achieve their goals.

We are part of the progress, we sustainably produce the materials that society needs to grow.


Following the acquisition by Chimcomplex SA Borzeşti in December 2018 of the five assets packages belonging to Oltchim, in 2020 continued the integration of the activities of the Borzeşti and Rm. Vâlcea platforms.

We have a well-trained workforce and together, specialists from all our platforms have done an exemplary job of bringing us one step ahead of the regional market.

Platform integration has brought about the improvement of our services to customers: securing the supply chain, developing new products, more efficient processes, easier contact (digitized) with our sales team.

During 2020, the company made investments worth approx. 6 million RON on the Borzeşti platform, and of 26 million RON on the Rm. Vâlcea platform.


At the early signs of the virus occurrence in Romania, we have increased production capacity and we have launched a new biocidal product “ready to use”, sodium hypochlorite in the 1.25% solution. We received confirmation that the product is virucide against coronavirus, following tests carried out by the independent laboratory J.S. Hamilton. Chimcomplex is the only Romanian producer of active biocide chlorine-based substances, sodium hypochlorite, lime chloride.

and are also used and in the process of treating drinking water. Chimcomplex is thus a strategic company of the Romanian economy, for the national safety regarding the health policy of public water.

Bulgaria, Greece and Moldova do not have at national level chlorosodic or alcohol producers, nor other external supply sources, being directly dependent on our products. Cities such as Sofia, Athens and Thessaloniki have no other sources for providing drinking water. We have managed to meet the increased regional demand during the year and we feel responsible for remaining a trusted supplier in the future as well. Chimcomplex products are used in the energy sector, auto industry, chemistry and petrochemicals, cellulose and paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics, metallurgy, food, wood and furniture.


The company’s business strategy is geared towards maintaining steady and sustainable growth.

The company is committed to ensuring greater operational and financial efficiency, making sustainability an integral part of business processes.

We continuously improve production efficiency, reduce environmental impact, create favorable and efficient working conditions, maintain public health and help solve social problems in the regions where we carry out operations.

We are committed to using low-carbon, affordable and competitive prices.

We are currently exploring technological and investment alternatives that allow us to progress sustainably and progressively towards the energy transition: carbon capture, use and storage and green hydrogen.

The ongoing monitoring of our energy and carbon plans aims to guarantee the operational excellence of our energy processes, which is fundamental to reducing carbon intensity and progress towards our emissions reduction target by 2050.

The manufactured products are:

At Onești Branch: chlorosodic products – caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite; inorganic chlorides – calcium chloride, lime chloride, ferric chloride; alkylamines – methylamines, isopropylamine; other products.

At Râmnicu Vâlcea Branch: chlorosodic products – caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite; oxo-alcohols; propylene oxide; flexible polyols, rigid polyols, graft polyols.

The Chimcomplex SA Borzești products are used in the most important branches of the economy: energetic, chemistry and petrochemistry, metallurgy, extractive industry, machine building, pharmaceuticals, food industry, etc.

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