ANAD Project

ANAD Project

The Romanian Chemical Producers and Distributors Association– APDCR – promotes the scientific, technical, environmental, economic and legal interests of companies established in Romania from the chemical, petrochemical, plastic sectors, contributing to their sustainable development

In line with the vision and mission expressed by the APDCR, a collaboration agreement with the National Anti-Drug Agency has been concluded as early as 2017.

This year, on the proposal of the National Anti-Drug Agency, APDCR became a partner in the project “Simplification of administrative procedures and reduction of bureaucracy for business in the field of operations with drug precursors”.

This project will organize numerous workshops, debates and conferences between the Romanian authorities and representatives of companies carrying out operations with drug precursors.

The main objectives are to implement a computerised reporting system, simplified procedures for operators to obtain licences, registrations and authorisations, and the implementation of the principle of sustainable development under the precursor monitoring and control mechanism.

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