Romanian Chemical Producers and Distributors Association - APDCR


Romanian Chemical Producers and Distributors Association – APDCR is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in August 2013.

This step was initiated due to the lack of effective representation of the chemical industry in relation to internal and external dialogue partners, which generated at least dysfunctions in the functional communication flow at the industry level.

APDCR was founded with support from The European Chemical Industry Council- CEFIC in response to the pressing need for the Romanian chemical industry to be represented by a voice at national and international level.


Through its mission, APDCR promotes the scientific, technical, environmental, economic and legal aspects of companies established in Romania in the chemical, petrochemical, plastic and pharmaceutical sectors, contributing to their sustainable development.

APDCR, a partner of policy makers in Romania, aims to facilitate the dialogue with the industry and extensive exchange of expertise, placing the Romanian chemical industry in Romania to the rank as an active contributor, trusted and valued by society.


  • Analysis and development of enhanced solutions to issues of concern to industry represented
  • Establish and implement plans to ensure that the recommendations, laws, as well as technical, and scientific reglementations issued by European regulators are properly interpreted
  • Carrying out information and promoting convergent positions on issues of mutual interest, together with interested partners
  • Ensuring open relationship with media and promoting an accurate image of the activities of the association’s members.

APDCR activities and priorities

The activities in our association have the following priorities:

  • Follow and support the implementation of REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
  • Developing the Responsible Care program (Responsible Care) as well as other similar programs in Romania
  • Follow and support the Energy Policy at national and European level
  • Supporting programs that support sustainable development and sustainability
  • Support the effective implementation of European regulations and standards applicable where there is an identified need for additional activities to those undertaken by legislative bodies

Priorities are updated according to the importance and situation at the national level, through a constant dialogue with members and working partners.

The entire activity of the association it is conducted in strict compliance with the community and national competition law.